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The Political Methodologist 
invites scholars to contribute posts to our blog and short articles for publication in the print edition! All submissions should be e-mailed to

TPM’s mission is to promote innovative quantitative analysis in Political Science by illustrating new statistical methods, hosting critical discussions of their application to substantive problems in the discipline, and providing a central location for information of importance to the methodology community.

Our blog hosts shorter contributions (500-2000 words). Topics appropriate for blog posts include (but are not limited to):

  1. critical commentary or discussion of issues of relevance to the methodological community, including working papers and new software;
  2. questions for our “Ask a Methodologist” feature;
  3. new academic positions, fellowships, or grant opportunities for political methodologists; and
  4. announcements related to methodology journals (or other journals with a special issue or feature concerning political methodology).

In general, items falling under categories 1 or 2 should be more than announcements with a link to other content; they should summarize or engage the relevant issues, provide code and/or examples, offer substantive commentary, and so on.

All blog posts can include $\LaTeX$ equations formatted using the QuickLaTeX plugin, and can format their code with syntax highlighting using the Syntax Highlighting plugin. See these links for details on how to include equations and computer code in your proposed post.

Blog posts will be opened to discussion via the comments feature. Just as with normal posts, comments can include $\LaTeX$ equations or computer code with syntax highlighting. All comments will be reviewed and approved by our editorial staff before posting.

Our print edition is published twice a year, and publishes longer contributions (2000-4000 words). We are particularly interested in publishing extended demonstrations of innovative quantitative techniques, including software that offers political scientists new analytical capabilities, and scholarly discussion and debate concerning issues of relevance to the methodological community.

Blog or print edition submissions should be e-mailed to Please indicate whether you would like your submission to be considered for a blog post, the print edition, or both. Submissions are preferred in $\LaTeX$ format (files + a compiled PDF), but are also accepted in Word .docx format. Comments can be made directly on pre-existing blog posts.

For blog posts and comments, the editorial team strives for a quick turnaround (a few days or so). For print edition articles, we will notify you of a timeline shortly after submission. All submissions to TPM are reviewed by the Editorial Staff before publication.

The author retains copyright to submitted blog posts, articles, and comments but grants The Political Methodologist the right to publish the work under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

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